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"Silicon Valley has its own dialect: exit, convertible note, VC, pitch deck, IP... and it's hard to catch up with all of them when you arrive here. I wish I had the chance to have known about Silicon Valley Successes a long time ago to start talking that language faster!"

-Sergio Smirnoff, Founder & CEO of RedLines App.

" This information is gold. It is what you need to hear and need to know. Don't be afraid to make yourself vulnerable and be led by your curiosity. It will bring opportunities beyond what you thought possible."

Bevis Cheng, Founder & CEO of Hacker Exchange

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"Unlike most shows, SVS with Shawn Flynn leaves you smarter after watching”

-John Farley, Startup Mentor

"I learned some amazing tips that I am applying to my startup"

-Elnaz, Founder of Roybi Robot

"Lots of wisdom in little time! Love the show!"

-Maya Ackerman, Founder of Wave.ai