Ep 5 and 6 Aftershow Silicon Valley Successes


Alright, so now we're here in Silicon Valley successes after show and job, Matt, after being on the show, what things do you wish you had time to talk about why you're on this show that we didn't have time for? Matt, would you like to start?


Yeah, I am interested in your plans for the future channel, and what kind of event


is open,


it's coming back. For this channel itself. There is a lot of plans in the making know hackathons, but pitch events for startups to present their products live, hopefully, to overseas investors, or maybe to recruit engineers or talent that are interested or the opposite companies overseas that want access to the investors and mentors, the service providers in Silicon Valley just to create this bridge between the two bodies Silicon Valley outside Silicon Valley that that's kind of major goal of this show that trying to do you know what I would love to see


yes, when we have Ukrainian startups come out of our accelerators coming this way if you could somehow show their story as it unfolds




ok. We can


get them on the show present their product and and talk about a little snippets of their journey in Silicon Valley and presented


Yeah, you we get a lot of subscribers


celebrity and unit see


pictures on the wall.


Okay, job. What do you wish we had time to talk about?


I know what the I would have you talked about tools. Oh,




Yeah, that's, that's what a few as


you know, when when I started. And as I was trying to really learn about social selling, that was one of the things that I found the hardest to try to learn from people who knew it. And I attended webinars and events and spoke to people and the people who really know what to do that stuff, they just want to upsell you. And so they they essentially just want to share knowledge to a certain extent, and then they kind of breaks down there and then they say, and for more,


please subscribe to my service. And so as I was getting into, it's like, I will never be like, so if somebody you're not,


you don't have an upsell right now


I actually I really don't and so to me you know this this


there's so many tools right and so you really have to focus on the ones that are most beneficial to you but then you know I'm extremely happy to essentially show people the blueprint of how I how I do things


okay so just sort of take a little bit about that blueprint now Yeah, of course


I mean this


so first thing right I mentioned that in the episode this want to record buffer there's another one called Hootsuite did they do essentially similar things they let you do you manage your social platforms and they let you do essentially creates a stream of content right? So that you don't have to sit there every minute of the day say, Okay, I need to tweet or post something


and then there's there's tools that help you identify influencers right, so this one, you know, that's called right relevance. It's an amazing tool. Nobody knows it, it's for free and it does have some some paid services but the the free version is absolutely fantastic, shows you great content to share. It shows you who's influential under specific keywords and helps you then reach out to those people


the second Yeah, what's the name again, right? relevance and then don't don't look at this episode. Live it down. Right. And then there's


there's another there's another one that I really like for sales people especially it's called a company ACC


pa and why I think of it as a spelling bee Yeah exactly. So a company gives you a profile of the person that you're about to meet right so it tells you what kind of social media profile says that person on Who does he or she worked for how long have they been working for at this particular place is there an overlap between other people you have in your network so


the link there is a


war it is so I didn't and so it's almost like like like you said this report card and as a sales person or even just as a business person when you step out of the car and you can still you know click on that button be better prepared and never social media to better engage with people so this this a lot of things like


yeah sweet buffer read Romans provide relevant a company


that that they're here


with, you actually did remember something. So I did not speak very much of a corporate pilots. Oh, so we have no problem with charging startups. They just love this startups all over unity. What I would like to see is more corporations so corporations that are big and slow moving and they want to innovate they don't necessarily know how now one important thing is to have that startup team that started partner actually off site because you know when there's a bear bear and a squirrel dancing This is a little little animals can get hurt. You want a little bit of distance you want to put the innovative people some distance and maybe Ukraine's a little far I agree but we have an accelerator by which to three months go by you develop an MVP together It looks good then they come this way.


Okay that's great. And then yeah thank you guys for your time I want to ask you more questions but both of you is there anything else either of you like that to






they'd be great can't wait to share it and all of Ukraine


follow us there and I will check social media tomorrow to see


to see the spike




job anything else? No I just really I think it's a great format a really nice and i think it's it's a really nice setup to to help people understand you know, some of the tricks you know that maybe you know startups can look for, you know, some some of the ways to make it easier to find start really good idea, right.


So thank you guys. Want more information, visit Silicon Valley successes, calm and please stay tuned for a new episode every week. Thank you.