✔Pivoting as a startup, Facebook growing Ep9 4/8


About that, for startups, early stage companies, the teams are very small. Who's making the decision to pivot? Is it the founder, the team, potential investors, feedback from customers who's kind of guide in this?


Well, I believe it will be more on all or so sorts of factors that you will make a decision because it shouldn't be solely yourself as a start up, because I previously my ex


was my real life stories, but then alter the


Okay, is a business partner,


he or she may have


made most of the decisions. And even when we already got a lot of information, feedback from the market, and what the decision should be, which would make more sense. He didn't listen to any of us, and he's made the decision then after he made this decision. He's he finally realized that, Oh, you guys were right. So that actually cost us a lot, you know, time money and so forth. So if best way to put it is to actually have everybody could easily be within the team. And we all make the decision together and see who you know, to make a correct. So


in a situation like that. So you had a team of three, two people wanted to move forward in one direction. And one guy overpowered the other two and was making all the decisions.


Yes? What happens is that I mean, it's such a small team, I mean, everyone's doing everything.


In some cases, do you think you would get rid of that one person from the team or replace that one person or separate the company or just go hey, you know, he wants this we're even though we don't believe it's the right way. We're still you're gonna fall like, how, how's the decision process there? Why did he get more power than the two of you guys? Did he put more money in? Did he just yell more like what happened?


So we're having was that he actually burned a lot of money

to be exact, about 2.5 million. So that's where it becomes more real. And then we had to pivot probably like twice quickly to get him out of the equation and tried to catch up on everything that we have, you know, kind of put for fallen into the company. So that's this a huge huge learning curve that not to do


or so what did the investors say during this whole time when they saw the money being burned?


Oh, so we'll talk about that


they actually Well, of course, they were upset and we just had to learn from our mistakes, kind of made sure and talk to investors, we should that we want to, you know, kind of make it right, and this is our strategy and plan moving forward and what would be a strategy plan and that's how we kind of pivot on the right direction to move forward so then it will be much more successful.