✔Pivoting as a startup, Replacing team members Ep 9 6/8


Okay, we've talked about pivoting, we've talked about your team, what is it a team meeting look like, kind of the planning of a pivot. Are there step guidelines that you follow? Do you normally plan, you know, CTO? Does this CFO does this I do this for the next week, what does it look like for someone that's that's not in that room?


Well, it kind of looks more of course, which I'm making more fun


and you know, not too serious you know, of course but everybody first of course realize the vision and knows what to do but is very important to have a strategic plan and then we kind of outline it before any meeting is very crucial to also have an agenda what we're going to you know discuss we're going to talk about and we will have all the team formerly in the same room Dan most importantly is to write everything down and outline it once you write things down in outline it it becomes more tangible everybody likes to see more more instead of intangible things LSE tangible things. So you, you see things guide it within the outline. So what my task would be what, you know, the CEO tasks will be the CFO tasks would be the CMO tasks will be then if you spread it out to do a specific task and what doing be targeting to achieve and execute to the given vision and given path that we're going to go for,


as a startup? Would you say you have to be kind of self managing for being micromanaged. I mean, there's no one on the team to really manage even though there is that CEO structure you know, he's at the top with just three or four people


everyone more or less as equals correct


right. So who manages who and who really can can push your drive the team I believe is more having the discipline for each other to trust each other as a team to know what are the task and what are each person duties are and if they don't do it then we all of us all three of us will have to be accountable for each other's so like oh you can do it like what's going on how come and then you have to definitely have to have a transparent kind of discussion and once you have that then you can actually flow towards the right direction I don't believe that it should be just one individual I believe because everybody is have their own talent or experience in expertise so then we once we formulate and all work all together and not micromanage other like that Dan, he actually become much more successful and we can proceed to the next level.