✔Pivoting as a startup, What does a team meeting look like Ep9 5/8


surgery? Have you heard any stories of


a team that didn't want to pivot or pivoted in the wrong direction? I guess


in the wrong one? I'm not sure I remember a good one. Okay. Tell a story. Yeah, well I don't know if you're familiar with that. It's like when Facebook's are growing its many people know about it. It's like soccer Berg get the entire university under Facebook and he wants to add new universities to the network. But everything nobody wants to add somebody from outside because they believe that that university was like an elite thing. So I he said What, what? Where? When did you make the decision to actually listen to like investors customers when so sometimes you have to follow your God or don't. So this guy Mark took the decision to bring more comp more universities in besides what all the people in the network said against that. But more people he brought in the network grow better and stronger. So going back to what he said about Okay, we need to hear everybody. But if you have the long term vision, what do you want for in the long term, I would say it's the kind of people that this network startup get small thing for one college, one university, and then they start like, changing and adapting to make it like bigger, so they change what a let's go for more people how we can make it happen. So they grow

based on exactly that bringing all of these people against what the people they already have in the network didn't want to. So it's, it's a weird thing is, well, I need to listen, I don't need to listen. But if you have like a strong point of view, and you'll have like to fight against like 2.5,

I would say, well, that's why you said like a CEO would certain kind of like stocks and and wherever the founders in certain point, you need to like vote to pivot or not to pivot in well, straightforward. But going back to your previous question, one say, Okay, these guys need to go move out, split the company or don't I believe you should have like a strong team. That's the more basic thing and if we all agree, let's say we are a team, we all agree okay. That's the vision and sometimes maybe

you need to people to get their evenly know in that that is not going to be your real life business. So we get there changing here, but still knowing that we want to get there and we're going to change again. Okay. Yeah. So it is is something that the LinkedIn founders said many times is you you do things that doesn't grow to get there. So it's like


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