Dawn, thank you for coming on Silicon Valley Successes. Quick question. What information do you wish you'd had time to say on the show? Or a question that I forgot to ask you that you wish I had?



Well, Shawn, I think you covered all the really good points. I thought of a few more things, but it wasn't because of any Mrs. on your part. Oh, great. Smile, by the way,



those compliments on it.



Yeah, well, um, I think it probably like to mention a couple of the programs I didn't have the opportunity to mention. And we were talking earlier, and three examples of things that I'd like to mention our our professionals, women's, our professional women series, okay, our fuel SV, which is future Emerging Leaders of Silicon Valley. So that's for young professionals. And then also I failed to mention that this very weekend coming up. We're throwing a little street party for 170,000 of our closest friends. Are you coming this weekend? By the way? Probably not. Okay. Alright, well, we'll miss you. That would have been a lot nicer to have you there. But



you know what, it's actually was going through the camera.



No, it's okay. It's a good business showcase. Yeah, right. 170,000 people are walking past they are a captive audience for a weekend. Was that incredible? Yes. So there's that. And to double back to the fuel s fee. That is a happy hour that we host for young professionals. People come for a variety of reasons. We market it through meetup. And what is different about that on meetup and other groups is that we are industry agnostic, and people are there for whatever reason suits them. They may be looking for a job, they may be looking for an investor, they may be looking for partners, strategic partner, I've seen so many different kinds of connections made at that particular event. So it's, it's a wonderful, and then we have a professional live in series. So we weren't people in at all stages of their career so that they can connect and network and kind of make some meaningful transformative connections. Wow. Yeah. So so what you just mentioned there is access to possibly 170,000 onlookers to your company.



Yes, networking events where you'll get to meet other young entrepreneurs that maybe focus on different areas of technology that maybe you can collaborate, right? And if you're a woman, founder, extra special attention that could be given to help you out



correct box. Yeah, that's huge. Right? Anything else you'd like to add? Um, those were some of the highlights I wanted to cover. But um,



you're speechless.



I am. Oh, yeah.



Well Dawne. Thank you for the extra time. Yeah. And I look forward for the next time that you're on SIlicon Valley Successes and thank you for also mentioned all those great other people that we we should interview from score, SB DC and all these other groups. Yeah, so I'd love a warm introduction. Happy to happy to do that. Shawn. Thank you. And thank you, again from SIlicon Valley Successes.



All right. Thank you, Shawn. appreciate being here.