So right now in Ukraine, other FinTech blockchain, what are the developers ahead of their? Yeah, on the forefront of.


Yeah. So they're their strongest verticals are technological verticals, not so much market. And I just want to stress this point. So Ukraine's shortcoming today is


a lack of entrepreneurial experience. My Cheryl is a fantastic entrepreneur, by the way, I'm so impressed by him, I have to say, and that part out yet




not flattering him, and I'm just so impressed.


But as far as technology goes, and engineering know how Ukraine is near the top. So that would be blockchain. That would be computer vision.


Let's see. That would be artificial intelligence. That would be Internet of Things. I'm sure I'm missing something. But there are four or five that we have really strong teams in. Okay.


I say, and what advice would you give to a founder in Ukraine before coming to Silicon Valley or advice you wish? So if you could pass on any, any one key thing of knowledge? What would it be?


I suppose I would try to engage in some long distance acclamation, I'd read up, I'd watched a lot of videos, like this video of her instance, I would, I would,


I would learn how VCs do business here. Okay, how did they do them different here than in Ukraine. And this is a gross generalization. Okay,


we got time,


I would say that typically, in that part of the world, business men want to control too much. They want to, they want to control absolutely everything, their employees, and they're not capable of sharing. They're not interested in sharing. They're afraid of sharing. Now, my there is the exact opposite of that. And that's why so unusual. He works through partnership. And that's how he grows his businesses, and how he manages risk as someone who's lived in that part of the world for so long. That is, I can tell you that is so unusual and so great to have shareholder like that for our art tech Innovation Park. So an investor invested in early stage companies, he going to try to acquire 60% of the company or when you're saying control it, could you go into a little bit more detail? Well, there, there are a number of venture capital firms in Ukraine, and they're good and they're plugged into Silicon Valley. So I'm not I'm not disparaging them at all. There's not enough of them. That's that. That's one problem. Not enough angels. But as I'm speaking about the founders, the typical businessman, if he's not plugged into the Silicon Valley way of doing things, if he's not trying to get here not educating himself and he's just doing business he just says a new enterprise,


often he'll want to control everything when he when he sells the company, he'll overprice it he'll want to sell 100% and make a killing immediately.






there's, there's a learning curve. Okay. Yeah, a cultural learning curve. Oh,


yeah, that is different. How about the presentations to pitch decks? And that when the companies come here, are they prepared? Or is that something that they have struggles with as well?




they're if they're a unit city, chances are the pitch decks look pretty good, because we have some really talented folks running our accelerators. We've got one gentleman who spent, I don't know, three, four or five years living in New York City. So there are the national mentors. Yeah, yeah, we have those. I my, my pet peeve is that they're too colorful, they're too busy. There's just so much graphic artistry going on. I can't see the words. So.


So with that, though,


like to give you some time, how can people contact you and tell them last little bit about unit city?


Right? Well,


you'll learn so much more about unit city by coming. And I know the majority of you aren't going to do that. So there will be a link in which you'll see our shareholder walking around the tech Innovation Park. And there's English subtitles below. That'll give you a great sense of what unit city is all about. Also, if you're interested in the events, and there will be some Ukrainian startups every once in a while. At these events. The the the site to check out is Silicon Valley planet. com.


Okay, can you say that one more time


Silicon Valley planet. com and unit city unit dot cities the domain name and there'll be a link showing the actual tour of the territory. Okay.


Yeah, yeah, we can have both those links at the bottom under your bio. Yeah, it's Silicon Valley successes. com America wonder how many times would say Silicon Valley and in a sentence. But with that would like to thank everyone for watching. I would also like to mention our next guest, who will be on the show jock, who is a social media expert. He will be talking about using LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other social medias to benefit your startup. So look forward to seeing you at the next episode. Once again, thank you, Matt. And thank you.


Thank you. From all of us at Silicon Valley successes. We hope you found the information presented today useful in your path to success. For further information on accessing the resources in Silicon Valley. You may visit us on the web at Silicon Valley successes.com on Facebook and YouTube. Thank you. And remember,


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