✔Pivoting as a startup, Last Advice Ep 9 8/8


Or what advice would you like to give you two years ago? Well, I would say that always you have to listen. But listen, in a, in a proactive way. Sometimes you you feel like you are listening. And you are maybe just talking with somebody explain your idea as I just did. And you are actually more focused in what you're saying that actually actively listen, what do you have to say from it. And of course, you cannot change or pivot every time you hear something from somebody because it was like, You never like, get on track. It's impossible. But you need to real is like, Okay, if I had that feedback from one to 1020 people, what's going on here? I need to real Okay, said this, okay, what's going on? If there's so many people saying to me something in a certain way, okay, that means something because I'm not building a product for myself. This is like an artist, I can, like, draw a picture that's, I'm an artist. And if you like it, or you don't, it's not my thing. I do my feeling today, I express myself and art but a product is something that you want the public or your customer to use it to buy it to engage with. So if you actually don't listen what you have, when they what they have to say about it. But again, it's like really listen and do something about it. And this is mostly Something about like leaning and pivot is like learned from or maybe it's not just a customer's listen or dig into the history Okay, other companies in my space, what happened with them, why they change why they failed,


why they were acquire, how much research Do you do into other things companies,


but I might sell for days what I'm doing now a lot I tried to learn from the successes but also from the failures mostly from the failures and for example from some acquisitions is some companies in my space they were acquired by big companies I'm going to say some some people might say oh that was less a great success well probably in million about money maybe yes but you need to learn from there so with that


Jason Can you tell the audience one more time how they can reach you at the best way to reach you and a little bit of your company one more time yes they can reach me at my email Jay and y e h at ease on e a c di n e.com and again is within the travel hospitality industry


surgery You can reach me at my email is Sergio like a lot of surgeries floral at red lines app.com. And what my company's doing right now is trying to change all the network interaction from people from the last two centuries to this one right. I would like to thank everyone at home for viewing this episode of Silicon Valley successes. On our next episode, we're going to have two special guests here morons. Caesar will talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. And it's pretty fascinating, pretty fast in an episode we have coming for you. So once again, thank you. My name is Sean Flynn. And have a great day.


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