✔Pivoting as a startup, The importance of listening Ep 9 7/8


Has anyone been in that situation where maybe the company you're thinking, maybe we need to pivot when reality just need to replace someone on the team?




what happened there? Well,


a guy


hypothetically speaking in Paul,


let's say, for argument's sake,


in a team of three or four people

will realize that certain position, we have a person that for certain amount of time, in in certain path of growth will work. And it's going to, like, fit that path in that very moment. But in certain moment, when the company like have like a quantum leap, we need to jump for that guy maybe wasn't the right fit there, because he wasn't able to catch up because of the needs of the company. So great opportunity. This came up and he's like, Okay, this guy, john paul is like, Okay, how can you handle this? Can you do that, in this amount of time, we have a, an amazing opportunity, huge situation, okay, let's take advantage of it, that he couldn't catch up. So

as a company as the people who wants to move forward, and maybe need to, like less sleeping hours, like, sacrificing like, yeah, entertainment, because this is what you do. When you go for a startup, you spend your own, like entertainment rest. So if somebody is not, like, open to do that. And when you realize that you have, like, amazing chances to, like, actually succeed. And at least like small successes, you need to find a way to move forward and bring somebody who can actually be dad level for this next stage of the company.


Interesting. And actually, both of you, Jason, can you talk about currently the project you're working on? And then Sergio, could you tell everyone a little bit what you're currently working on?


Yes. Um, one of the projects that I'm working on is definitely a travel hospitality type of application that to help people to understand what are those type of resources within dear when they travel. So they can actually utilize those resources as if they were a local in the actually Taylor's within the restaurant to the hospitality industry to a lot more events and kind of festivities so they know where to go within also their own language


interest in Sergio. So cool,


well then work in its startup. And what we are doing is trying to move the network and process into the 21st century trying to connect people but based on artificial intelligence, so you can start getting like connection based on real interest and backgrounds and everything starts from we're changing the way people like shake hands and introduce themselves since the very moment when you exchange a business card, like something that's going on from the last like 400 years.

So we are changing this like human behavior and it's going to take some time for sure. But we are moving this interaction from a paper business card it printed one to a phone and mobile phone like everybody has a phone so from there you are exchanging your contact info and from there we start building a network that you can like, get like real benefits of it.