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Hey, he'll welcome

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Sean. Sean. So, Jason, Sergio now that both of you have been on Silicon Valley successes, what do you wish we'd had time to talk about, or other information you think can really benefit startup founders, or the startup ecosystem, from your life experiences,

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and definitely are, we're probably start with the why we had mentioned before, different processes. So yes, pivoting is crucial. But also the process of the startup is also very important. What do you mean by process in terms of what are specific stages that within the learning curve

we need to know about. So then it will kind of streamline and removes that learning curve. So then it will be a lot faster to get into the market. So as all of us, you know, startups, we go through this entire huge curve to learn about everything. And, and, but if we, if there was a particular stages and processes, that's something that would be really crucial, especially within resources, where are those resources?

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I believe that now I mean, certain moment of my startup that is, like, things are like going crazy, and actually was talking with with Jason about that. It's like, sometimes you lose focus that everything that might happen is like, Hey, this is crazy if you take a look in perspective, but in the very moment, you feel like everything like is against you. And it's negative, because, well, I need to solve this problem. But actually, if you get through it, it's if you get a great outcome, it's not a problem, you're learning you're improving, you are taking advantage of opportunities is like, well, so actually, my background is in design. And we have this philosophy saying that, okay, if he has a solution, it's not a problem, okay. And if he doesn't have a solution is no problem either. Yeah. So when you say, well, that's the problem. Okay. Can you solve it? Yeah, well, it's not a problem. Well, doesn't have we did, we cannot solve it. Okay, so we need to change or pivot and we need to try to maybe a different angle, because in that way that we are trying to do it doesn't have a solution. Or maybe we didn't find it yet. So I would say we're talking with him about what was a crazy day, crazy week. And we are always like, losing the focus in what we are doing. Just for me, for example, just a chance to be here talking with you here at Silicon Valley. Well, it's a success itself. Yeah. So very grateful actually read it.

But I remember I remember for example, when we start chatting about your ideas to like doing these maybe new book or something was like two years ago, or a year ago. ish. And now actually, you're doing it. Yeah, yeah.

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And years later,

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maybe years, something nourish me. But what I'm saying is later, as an entrepreneurs, we set our own goals is nobody above us, and you have to do this. So when you said, this goal, will I need to achieve this. And if you feel that you cannot achieve that you feel bad. But actually, if you achieve it, if you're going through it, because you said that expectation for yourself. So that's why when you ask him, for example, well, why you are where you like to be an entrepreneur, because I love to set my own goals and expectations to myself, not somebody else to say for me, so. But in the fight in the battle, sometimes you lose the focus that as I said, that call so if it's not working, okay, let's find a way but always feeling that I mean, like, in a positive way, don't be like, over warm, because things are not going the way that it should be. Because you set that goal. So you should like embrace it will like joy. Make sense? Yeah. Yeah,

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it's crazy.

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You can say here,

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don't be surprised. That's on my link

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for you. You can use it. Yeah, I will love you to use it. But you have to say, say bye. I'm crazy. I'm like,

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exactly that. Yeah. Jason, anything else you'd like to add? Yeah, just just piggyback on what he said, definitely just is this journey and be part of that journey in you know, sometimes when we are going to, let's say, we're hiking in the hill of mountain right. And then when you're going through the journey of going up the mountain and once you get there, right, you see this big view and you like, Oh my god, this is amazing. But the climb to that hill were to see the Ville right may not be as pleasant but the so that's goes back with you know having our own business having a startup I would always go to in go through those journey and I'll be grateful for that journey so I could see the whole view and see the successes just like Silicon Valley successes you know seeing that the the goal of we're going in see that journey and this is phenomenal This is amazing I want to take this like

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this is great about Ron going up the hill is like sometimes until you get there you can see what's next and but

you need to get there embrace the journey but sometimes like entrepreneurs well when you get there okay that's the next mountain is not even higher so you actually you don't even like enjoy this very small moment because when you get there over this small hill okay now I have like this mountain in front I need to start climbing it and this go again for the journey but I think that sometimes somebody told me a long time ago you need to celebrate your small victories because you don't have like your boss saying hey good job yeah no maybe your friend your wife somebody you'd like so celebrating life gives good

that's what I'm saying no wife compliment but well so this small achievements at the end of the heel is like wow look down down the hidden well it was tough but I get there okay now gain energy and move forward to what's next but I feel like as he said is like the heel the the joy of the journey itself and but without losing perspective that you are going that direction because you said that fabrics for yourself you said that's all the mountain is like even like Higher Higher Higher okay this is what you will do fine but that's right

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yeah yeah I will continue to always yeah because I would never want to you know what they say is that I'm working for someone to make them rich you're working for us and then we become as much more humble and because of the journey and so I love that so I'll always choose the journey to to get the most definitely

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when I saw for example one of my first MVP some some month ago is like wow and it show it to somebody like I need works

wow that's pretty cool and it's not about money

it's not about like how hard was it's like well I have this crazy father in my mind and now we see here yeah yeah and actually

it's not even it's not only a real but it means something and it's you're like okay yeah yeah did you see it so it's like amazing okay let's let's

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have the entrepreneurial spirit that is you're willing to take the the journey take a risk even diving don't have to get paid for it because you want to see that yeah see it live totally having others you for enjoying it and using it and that's the

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just fine why number

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Of course because what we're building like business we're building products and problem should be like sale and people should buy it by the same time is as he said it's like just the joy of like the rebrand something that people is interest to us is like, wow, you like makes you feel well, I believe that's the spirit of the real entrepreneur.