🛑Diversity and Inclusion in a Startup, Language or Culture, which is the biggest Challenge Ep 10 2/4


How big of Do you think language plays a part in, in, in the diversity of Okay, let me let me step back, actually, what do you think's more important, the language or the culture barriers to overcome that


comes together? I think that it's a, it goes in pair. As Cesar said, The language is a big factor, especially in the workplace, but so is the quarter so as, as a leader so thoughtfully there, you need to think about alternatives to to make it easier or more equitable for everybody in one of these applications that he's

detailing it's it's a big example of how organizations can be more useful or more resourceful for everybody.


So there wasn't that language barrier. How many more resources do you think history would be able to access, I would guess it'd be easier to outsource to overseas teams, it'd be easier to hire people globally, as that was mentioned, have team meetings, get your product into new markets, it sounds like your product would have many applications. It says,


Yeah, it has, it has a lot of applications. And of course, part of it is also if you are going to come to Silicon Valley and you're going to try to raise money here, typically, that needs to be done in English. And so part of the work is also polishing up the presentations and, you know, the pitch decks and doing that sort of thing, which there are a lot of people who are very good at creating that the content, yeah,


the delivery is another matter. So, you have to be you have to be able to do both, right? It's worse if you're working on that. Are there any cultures that you'd say might have more difficulty speaking out and presenting to investors or


speaking up in a in a meeting or how does that work exactly, if there is someone that more shy or more reserved cultural background


but they are research on that topic and some some researchers or people segment segment that the countries you know, kind of like in general, one country could be more introverted and in general, another country can be more extroverted or they embrace for instance, trees or they embraced sometimes,

you know, innovation and some others are followers, but other researchers have found that that is not really key, that termination for a startup or for someone to succeed, you know, if you kind of generalize the country because, you know, everybody's different and everybody has different perspectives and in opportunities, honestly.