🛑Diversity and Inclusion in a Startup, Taking on a new client Ep 10 3/4


And before before the show, Cesar we had a chance to talk you'd mentioned that you have a sales accelerator program with marketing. Could you talk a little bit about that, and the diversity and what people can get out of that program?


Sure. It's the, it's called the accelerate program. You know, so I know, we chatted about some of the work I'm doing, helping, you know, minorities and, and or minority business owners, I should say, and multicultural business owners and so on. Because that's my, that's what I am. I want to focus on that. So the accelerate program really helps folks accelerate their sales. Because when you're a startup, in a small business, you're wearing multiple hats, and therefore you're not focusing. And when you don't focus, you know, what happens, and it's all over the map. And so the program essentially helps folks to go from, you know, connecting, finding and connecting with their ideal target clients, which there's a number of services that do that, you know, that you've, you've heard about, I'm sure a lot of people receive information from lead setting and appointment setting services. Okay, so that's part of Part A, Part B is looking good now that you have this ideal target clients to identify them, even connected with them predominantly through LinkedIn is the work that that I'm doing interest what do you do with it now? So then why also helpful in terms of the presentations and looking at the sales process and tools that are people are using to maximize their closing ratios and the deal flow, but


can you go back said closing ratios key, talk a little bit about that terminology, just case no one knows.


Sure. So our closing ratio is just purely the fact that you know, out of how many people you've been able to present to how many of those actually turned into a particular deal or turn into a client, a long term client, and there can be many reasons why. So the idea is to raise that up into increase that and there's many sides of how to do that. So that's part of the accelerate program, we're helping a company with that aspect of it, plus some other social media works, it just, you know, posting videos relevant to the company and that sort of thing. So that's why it's an accelerator program.


So the videos that are posted the the sales training, is it tailored for different ethnic groups, or because I'm guessing a social media post here in the US probably wouldn't have the same effect as the social media posts in China,


correct? Absolutely. Right. So it's, it's geared here, mostly in the US because most people are here, they're trying to tap into the market here. And what's interesting is that in the US, it's people are very accepting of risk. So it's a very high risk tolerant society, right? So and so people are willing to try things, they're more prone to adopt

different types of tools. And so this is what people come here but still, your messaging is done here, right? And so you're targeting ideal clients based on industries based on profiles. These are different things that we look at when we're we're working on a day to day basis, trying to outreach to are to do outreach to particular client groups interested