๐Ÿ›‘ Ep 10 Diversity and Inclusion after show with Irma and Cesar


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Irma Cesar thank you for being on Silicon Valley successes as a lot of fun. And we learned a lot of great information. But you know, what do you wish you had time to say on this show that we just didn't have time to cover.


Irma, would you like to go first?


Sure. So

speaking of cultural intelligence, and talking about what makes you successful, as a leader, it's important to know your audience, it's important to know who are your clients, and with that, you can understand them better, and you'll can empathize with them. And not only that, but also just think on their shows, right? Like, what do they want? What What can I offer that they will like, and that will be very, very useful for your business.


Sure. No, yeah, I was thinking of a quote. And it was like, your, your network determines your net worth. So we've heard about this. And since you're talking about audience, and this is your network, you know, part of the work that I'm doing is to help build that network, you know, so you can, who is it that you're going to work with, because you can't work with everyone? So, you know, at the end, you asked about one piece of parting thought and I said, focusing well, focusing on serving those people that that you can work with, I think is is going to be key and of course you're going to find them first in order to find them you have to understand what is it that you're going to offer them and who is it that's going to resonate with you with your with the work that you're doing with


with the stars you work with? Can you provide some tips that you might give them to expand in their network


Sure, so one of the things that we do at resonate is just that we're helping them to expand the network focusing on LinkedIn which is close to 600 million professionals now right however not everybody's active on LinkedIn you'll find that some people just won't even respond because they're just not active there so building their ideal target client you know the profile and then looking for that by role by industry and then going after that on a consistent basis I think will help you to build your your network which now you can then present your ideas to so you're not wasting your time.


Irma. Any last anything else you'd like to add before we wrap up for the night


well yes I think think that for those out there that are you know making their way out to the to successful companies I think that is important to not forget

you know their values and what what makes them unique and because that at the end that's the strength that makes you you know who you are and will make you succeed so you know you we talked about being

Believe in yourself right we said that and and being persistent but also

make sure that you know, you present yourself us as you are




died or anything else. That's great,


Caesar Irma. Thank you guys for coming on the show. Thank it's a lot of fun. I get to get you guys back on a future date. You're more updates on your class you're working with the startups you're working with and just update everyone in the eyes. I'm sure they're going to want to hear in six months or a year all the successes that you guys had what's good thank you guys. Thank you. Thank




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