Biggest mistakes startups make when approaching Investors

In this segment we talked to Shahid Chishty about the biggest mistakes startups make when approaching investors

So with that, what are some of the biggest mistakes you see founders making when they approach investors or just anyone in general,

they a number of startups actually just are not prepared a fully they, you know, the the they don't consider certain information which the investors would want perhaps also they they should

decide beforehand when they're approaching the investors what exactly they're looking for from the investors in why they are approaching the investors at that stage as well. So some founders don't don't think all of that through and then they stumble when talking to investors, what tips or tricks would you give a founder wanting to raise funds, I would say that they have to have a strong idea, a strong team and, and also be driven because it's a hard road. It's also a complicated

check. When once you arrive in Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley

is is getting more and more difficult to to find funds. And even

I understand myself that maybe a few years ago, there were perhaps a few hundred startups nowadays they talk about there being perhaps 10s of thousands of startups in Silicon Valley.

As I mentioned, I also work with accelerators and the statistics among the accelerators show that perhaps 98% even of startups will fail. So it's actually a very significant percentage. Okay.