How to evaluate between two Investors for your Startup

This segment of the we talked to Shahid Chisty about what questions a founder should ask an investor before taking their money or deciding between two investors for who’s money to take.

So quick question, if there's two or two people that want to invest in startups company,

what questions should that founder asked those investors if he can only take money from one of them? Very good

question there, there are what's called also strategic investors. So those are the investors that that have detailed knowledge of that particular area. I think the the founders really should consider what they need, as I mentioned before, from the investors, usually it's not only just money, usually, it would be very helpful to find investors, let's say you're an ag tech startup, it would be very helpful. For example, if you could get an investor on board that could also open doors for you for the product that you're developing, or the service that you're developing. And maybe they will even have expertise in certain

technology that you might be developing as well. So the best thing is to find investors who are closely aligned with what the startup is doing, have funds available and willing maybe even to roll up their sleeves a little bit and act

as a as an advisor, mentor as well, when you're saying roll up their sleeves, How valuable is their network to that to that startup that founder rolling up and making introductions? How important is that it's extremely

important, I think,

let's let's stay with the example of Ag tech if if an investor for example. And let's say you're doing a hydroponics, automated hydroponics business, if you find an investor who, for example,

either has himself multiple contacts with, with, with retailers, grocery retailers, for example, that could be an ideal way for you then also to get get your product out to market as well. So, and the same thing applies to any other vertical, if it's Ed Tech, or, you know, then if, if an investor has contacts with either say schooling systems or, for example, with companies that already sell to schools, you know, those would be ideal sorts of investors typically also say FinTech investors, if if the if they have contacts with financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, and so on. Those sort of connections are extremely helpful for startups