How to start a conversation with Startup Investors

In this segment we talked to Shahid Chishty talks about How to start a conversation with startup investor

Okay, so if I wanted to talk to investors

having a product having some sales great, but do I just go up to them? And tell them this? Is my company this right do or how should I communicate with them? Do I give them any marketing material? Tell me about that. Yes,

that's me. The, the founders and startups will will usually prepare a pitch deck.

What's the pitch deck? Yeah,

I'll go to Pete's sake, I was gonna say, they also will usually prepare for a short summary. So that's usually called an executive summary. But the pitch deck actually is is a perhaps a ideally attend to maybe 15,

mostly, usually maximum 20 page set of slides, which really show what your idea is

what motivated you perhaps, to undertake that startup, it provides background to the founder and perhaps other team members, which would usually be on board by then as well. It provides maybe some financial information on what the prospects for the business are. And usually it also will include what's called a go to market strategy also, how the, how the founder wants to maybe develop his product or service and then how he or she also wants to get it into, for example, if it's a retail product out to retailers, what the strategy is maybe locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, even so, those sort of things will also be the kind of questions that investors would want to know about.