Silicon Valley Successes after show interview with CJ Terral

Today show we interview CJ Terral who is a marketing expert. Who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow. This segment of the we talked to CJ an hour after the show finished filming to see if there was more information he wished we had covered on the show


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what information did you want to see on the show that you didn't have a chance to say? Well, I think it's important for people to keep in mind the importance of marketing, speak versus marketing do. And what I mean by that is a lot of people kind of talk high level marketing. And they think that that's enough sometimes. But it's important to remember that marketing is not just about the words that you run into a piece of paper. It's about what customers actually say how they actually interact with actually do marketing, speak versus marketing do and those are the types of things that I think people should really keep in mind. It's the real world that we're looking for responses from, it's not just what a team talks about in a boardroom or during a white boarding session. Okay, so if I'm a startup, do I change my product based on the feedback from my marketing campaign? And if so, what is something like that look like? Yeah, I tend to look, because I see there's four different types of products. And each type of product requires different types of iteration, the one type product would be a platform. So for example, like an e commerce website, you may make something like that, or a SAS product, right? Software as a Service, as people call it may be a solution, right? So it may still be those types of things. But perhaps they're customizable, and they're tailored according to the business's needs. And and I will answer your question by just saying, it's worth clarifying, because there's a different approach to each one of these. And then the third one would be services. So it's not a platform that you're using, but it's just more by the hour project basis. And these are basically experts, or people come in and help out. And the fourth type is easily see it as a physical product, not a software platform, a customizable solution, it's a thing that you use, interact with, maybe combine it with others, like Legos, or maybe the phone right at physical entity. So for each of those, how you do change based on marketing, you know, marketing speak, and all that kind of stuff, right,


each of them as different approach platform, any sort of technology platform solutions, they're primarily the ones where you're going to actually product tacking, right, where you change the product itself, so that it's inherently more usable, shareable talk where the things like that the messaging of any of these four is distinct, it's different, it's the content you might put on a social media channel, it's the content, you might you know, what you might voiceover rate during a video, things like that, that's more than messaging. But the actual product tweaking that's important for technology for the actual product itself that is out there in the real world, you know, perhaps it as firmware, which is tough to, you know, update, or if it's a entity, like you put it in an office score, or something like that, right, or a beer bottle or something that's physical, right? Those are tough to tweak, obviously, because they're remotes that are not in your control. And so that's where the messaging becomes especially important. So you might have, for example, there might be one product you make, and there happens to be bad PR around it. For example, if you think it's the greatest thing in the world, you launch it. And then people say, hey, this thing sucks, or something that just goes against it, this is where messaging really comes into it. You have to think, okay, now that people don't like this thing, the fact that it's still out there, we have to work with this somehow. Otherwise, it's going to hurt our other product lines and our company's brand eventually. So that's, you know, the importance of messaging. So if it's something is attached natively to it either played directly into that set to as it basically some crit satire. And so you actually make fun of yourself a little bit, and people can't make fun of you anymore because of that, right? Or you start to just simply associate it with more admirable things are admirable traits, or whatever it is that they're downplaying on how do you flip that, right, if a company has an ethical issue, fix that, right, promote justice, fix the issue, get the people out, the need to, this is all part of the messaging part of marketing, most athletes are very developed company. So this is actually stuff that can still be true with any sort of product line. And as simple as if you get your let's say, your product or a platform on one of the popular you know, news outlets out there, right, one of the big ones that you can probably name, you know, top your head, those even if you just launched a few months ago, they may pick it up, and if they pick it up, they may get you access to 10s of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people, some of them even millions of people, and some of them could be random, some could be paid, some can be favorites, and people you know, regardless of what it is, that is now we're you know, that's something that's out there that people are reading about, and people may be favorable, they may not, how do you deal with it when it's unfavorable? It's a lot easier when it's favorable. Great. Well, CJ, thank you for your time. The Silicon Valley successes after our show, if you want further information, can find it on our website, Silicon Valley If you do we look forward to your future visits on your show and all the information that you that you're willing to share. And thank you.


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