Startup Marketing Recap of show Silicon Valley Successes CJ Terral

Today show we interview CJterral who is a marketing expert. Who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow. This segment is the show recap of all the marketing advice that has been given. See the full episode on the channel :)


Okay, so, so far, we've talked about many different things. We've talked about growth marketing, guerrilla marketing, talk about online, offline, we've talked about how to build a brand. We've talked about go to market and the cost that are with that. Yeah, we've talked about adjusting the marketing plan. What else? Could we summarize what you've just talked about in ADS? Any more tidbits or tricks? While you're while you're doing that?


Certainly. And it's a lot to ask, but I think it's or the question to ask, nonetheless, cuz it's the earliest days of any companies launch the most important


until the point they start getting customers. And then all of a sudden, it becomes even more important to live up to what you say on paper, and make that a reality to them. It's part of that brand promise that I mentioned earlier. And so I go back to this five stage efforts, right, it's idea that you first want to understand, and actually, even before we get there, I mentioned this, first off, understand what it is you're making, right? That's going to be supercritical, right. And I don't mean that if you know what, how to make it doesn't mean necessarily, you know, what you actually are making customers may change their minds about how they want it to be or what they want it to be. And that's the idea of pivoting according to how customers regularly engage as an important one. And more importantly, if it's something that costs money, watch the customers who are paying for this, not the people that are not paying for it, okay, if it's a service that they use for free a freemium service, or if it's a free offering, in general, just watch for those who use it, right, but watched in mass, you don't want to go simply towards the people, you know, small quantities, people want to try to make us what we call statistically significant as possible, okay, in other words, the lowest Delta. And what I mean by delta is basically the lowest change. So in other words, if a lot of people are doing it, there's a good chance more people want to do it, too. But then you have to understand how to segment this accordingly. And so again, go back to this five, you know, step process, when you know who you're going to understand how many people you need to kind of see this to understand, you know, what they're going to regularly engage with? First off, you have to get people to look at it right, go online, offline. Regardless, you have to get people in front of it. Quantity matters when it comes to the marketing funnel, right? And so when you get enough people or viewers to see it, then you have to think through Well, how do we get them to that next level? How do we get them closer to becoming users or customers, right? Okay, so the next one is, again, becoming a lead, right? And leads can come from typically what you call landing pages, you might use that in an advertisement leads may also come from trade shows where you exchange business cards. Leads may also come from simply casual and countenances on the streets, things like this, the ideas that you exchange information, that's the key part exchange information with an intent for something more interesting. And if you give them let's say, for b2b company, you give them a white paper or you give them a cell sheet or you give them a reviewers guide, or you give them a free sample of the product for influencer on YouTube or Instagram, something like that, that's going to be important to then get them to the next level, right? Where if they're going to be now influenced some way through what you're offering, nurture them into prospects, get them to understand really the value of what you're delivering, instead of choosing a competitor, right? think through how you can engage them more does that mean getting their friends and involved with them? Does that mean getting their colleagues involved with them? Does that meeting getting specifically their department or influencers at their school or workplace other things like that, so