What is a fund-able company

We talked to Shahid Chishty about what is a fund-able company. A company that fits the description of what an investor will look at

What is a fundable company? And what I mean by that is not everyone in this company is what investors look for. So, could you kind of give a brief introduction to what you believe, is a fundable company and one that is not,

I think it's, it varies, actually, some companies really surprised people when they get funded. And I think generally, those founders that come up with a novel idea, and especially, perhaps also those that have had a successful track record previously, not necessarily in the same area, though, those founders tend to succeed, they tend to convince investors that they've got an interesting idea. And then it's a matter of building the team and undertaking the follow through from that. So I

guess even even a step back from that if I had a bakery, without be considered a fundable company for a minute, an angel or VC point of view, or does it have to have, you know, algorithms in it? What What, what is the investor look for? Well,

I particularly focus on technology startups. But in essence, any business with which which you can prove as a founder, you know, should be viable, could potentially attract investors, you could, you could come up with a completely new idea as to something that no one has ever done before. And, and it could be successful, it could be a reasonably simple idea. On the other hand, I would say, especially where I'm focusing on technology startups is that that there is a trend that the more sophisticated technologically the startup is, there's there's good good likelihood that it'll be successful if the ideas is is a good idea as well. The novel idea and I come back to the point that if the founder has gone very good experience as well. That'll certainly help in terms of discussions with investors.