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Today show we interview CJterral who is a marketing expert. Who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow. This segment of the show discusses what is a marketing funnel for a startup


Go over those steps one more time that you just mentioned, that was pretty interesting. Sure thing. And it's


actually a five step process. I personally call it an inverted pyramid pyramid. Yes, or an inverted diamond. But I tend to call it inverted pyramid. Because it's very easy to visualize, right? The idea is that a typical customer journey is going to be seen as what we commonly call a marketing funnel. Okay, imagine a marketing funnel, just like any, you know what a funnel would look like. But now, double that, and then flip it, right. So now you actually have another funnel, that's a mirror image, but vertically flip. So it looks like a triangle. It's basically and flipped, okay, so that's why I call it the inverted pyramid, right?


The idea behind that is that there's five stages for this entire process. First, you have the awareness, let's take the pen example. Right, you first see a pen, and let's see a popular retail store, right. That's the first impression perhaps, or maybe through an advertisement. That is with growth marketing, you have to understand which channels First off, right. But that is that there's five stages. So let's focus on that right now. So you have first the awareness stage, once people see things, you then have to convert them somehow, so you know how to follow up with them. Okay, and so that's going to be the second stage. So first is awareness. Second, is a conversion right into what we commonly call a lead. So they've exchanged some sort of form of information, they've given you a number an email, maybe they've given you a business card at a conference for when you're selling those pens, right? And the third stage is they turn into prospects now, prospects are those of course there's different definitions around the industry. But I believe there's a lot of


credibility as to you know, this process where you have a viewer a lead and then a prospect because of prospects or someone you nurture there's a likelihood of them becoming customer okay. And so this process takes some time depending on the type of offering you're selling, if it's a five, you know, dollar premium pen or if it's going to be $100,000 data storage system, okay. Each takes a different journey. And so understanding your journey is tantamount and the prospect journey is really throughout


the big words there.


Well, it's are not too too often, but there's some words that just tell it so much better than others. And so when it comes to prospecting, right, this is a nurturing processes where you're establishing trust establishing understanding, not just the customer, but the customer understands your company and what you stand for, so