What is Growth Marketing? Silicon Valley Successes interview CJ Terral ep 1 ex 1 startup marketing


Call growth marketing. Okay, so so let's, let's touch on that topic growth marketing. And the idea behind this is to give as much information out there to startups around the world and founders and entrepreneurs. So I've heard that term growth marketing quite a bit. How is that different than regular marketing. So when it comes to marketing, there are a number of different topics that are involved. And one would be a common idea is inbound marketing, where it's more content focused people express their interest and then come to you through either a lead generation form that you have out there a blog webinars, things like that. There's also other types of ideas like growth hacking, which is more working on, you know, short term technical hacks or product enhancements, and then building out audiences through that sort of viral marketing sort of concepts ingrained into the product. And there are other forms as well, including advertising is such the idea of growth markets is actually more holistic. It's something where, whenever you're marketing anything, let's take a pen for example, right? If you're selling a pen, I love the pen example. Yes. And I know some people are probably thinking, yes, I know where he got that example. Baba, Baba,


go on. We'll pretend everyone out there hasn't seen that amazing popular movie. Yes,


absolutely. Where they have to sell the tense. So the idea is that when you're selling a pen, right, first off, you have to understand not only the values of the company, but the value you bring to people. And you're going to do that for different types of target audiences. People have different interests and dependent and so to do that they're going to be in different locations. For example, some may be on social media, some may only buy high end pens and maybe a product extension and they may only be offline in close knit communities. They may also be another what we'd like to call channels. And so when you have all these different types of channels, you have different types of messaging. And for each of these types of channels, the messaging you have to tweet to just like anything else and work through the concept of growth. Marketing is understanding when you're selling that pen and each of those different channels to each of those different audiences. What are those channels look like? What are they also what is the journey that each customer goes on from first awareness to conversion to prospect to customer and potentially if they retain long enough and they use that pen just long enough, they might become your advocate.