What is Guerilla Marketing

Today show we interview CJ Terral who is a marketing expert. Who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow.


You know, one is something that some people watching today might actually have heard of. It's called guerilla marketing. Tell us about it. How is that different than growth marketing. So I'll actually draw a parallel between growth hacking and guerrilla marketing. There's a lot of similarities. Growth Hacking happens to be online. And guerrilla marketing happens to be offline, okay? And so when it comes to growth hacking, it's more of a product tweak product enhancement, maybe, you know, downloading information or something like that to get your company had online. When it comes to guerrilla marketing. The idea is that they're low cost or free options in which to really broaden the exposure to whatever is you're building. For example, if you're going on a popular if there's thousands of people that wanted a popular hike right on the mountains, and you were a popular company that happened to like to sell to hikers, and there were some popular destinations along the way. And let's say, for example, you had the rights to maybe paint a boulder right or something almost ridiculous, right? Like that. But the thing is, people will stop and look at it. People will remember that people will make that part of the destination. Oh, and when people take photos of that we live in a world of social media sharing selfies and all the photos and videos you could imagine.


Yeah, over here. I'm sure everyone here on the stage is going to share this with all their social media. Absolutely,


and no, you're absolutely right, Sean. And that's the neat thing about this too, with guerrilla marketing, it's offline. It's relatively low price. And that is that you get mass exposure, but it's not guaranteed. Okay. And there is a technique to doing that. And so bringing on the right people to help you do that sort of thing can definitely help if you have people internally that can help you out as well. It's really important. It's not that it has to be difficult. It just has to be something that's special that people care about to share. And if you can think about that in any local where there are a lot of eyeballs, people seeing stuff that's the important part.