When you work with a new Marketing client

Today show we interview CJ Terral who is a marketing expert. Who has worked with several early stage startups to help them grow. This segment of the show discusses what is the onboarding process for working with a new marketing client This show


With all that information, yes,


narrow it down even more. What advice would you give a founder, number one, focus on delivering something of value, right? What that means is, if people see it, they say they want it, and then they buy it, you're going to be a pretty good place. If you can then do that same exact process at scale,


you're going to be even better.


Pretty good advice. I was gonna ask you another question, you know, what would be the most invaluable advice you'd give a founder, but I think you think you just nailed


focus on the customer,


they love you, you're going to be doing well. Okay. And CJ, I want to give you the opportunity, could you talk about yourself, and how you work specifically with companies right now, in the past or moving forward? Absolutely.


So I work with companies on a number of ways. Three, in particular one is Business Model Generation thinking through the foundation of your business, this is going to be so important later on, there's nine key areas to look through. But the most important part to remember out of this stage, just saying, we know what the heck we're doing from a company standpoint, we know what we're doing for a product and we know what we're going to deliver, when we're going to deliver things like that. It's generating that business model, all encompassing of what is we're going to do. The second thing is brand formation, this is going to be a continuous evolution that your company's entire history and present and future and what I mean by history is some things when people look in the past, you may need to rebuffed that and live up to those values that you want said and build that into the future I'm trying to impress is the fact that with brand management, you have to understand who you are, what you represent your origins, your present your future, what people are going to perceive you as here, they're going to associate with you. And the first thing that they think of you is what you want them to think about you that's part of the brand formation and that can be pre launch or post lunch. And the third being go to market management go to market management is critical to understanding not only is what you are trading useful, it's understanding how we're going to get to that next stage, how we're going to think through the five different phases of the product innovation lifecycle, everything from the innovators, the early adopters to the early majority, late majority, 68% of the market is contained just within the early and late majorities interesting, you have to sell to them somehow, if you want to scale your company, and the last part being the laggards. Those who are kind of content with what they're already doing, but you can still sell it to them either if you have fix it to a product, their content with or other options and each of these five stages have their own method of approach and within each of these five then you start to think about the five stages captivate the viewers, convert them into leads, nurture them is prospects, close them as customers and of course, once they're delighted enough with what you offer, make them your advocates and sky's the limit Oh wow.


Okay. CJ with that want to thank you for all the help that in your time that you've given to us.


I want to thank everyone for watching.