Shahid intro Silicon Valley Successes

In this segment we get an introduction to our guest on Silicon Valley Successes

Silicon Valley Successes is a Tv show based in Silicon Valley that interviews experts and entrepreneurs to give the world access to the knowledge and experience that is here in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to create opportunities for those who seek them and help you, to become the next “Silicon Valley Success.”

Today show, we interview Shahid Chishty who is a former investment banker at Deutche Bank and Merril Lynch. He has worked with companies at all stages and now finds himself focused on early stage startups, mentoring and advising them on their funding and capital raising strategy.

Hi, thank you for coming today and Silicon Valley successes and could you please give an intro of who you are and a little bit of background? Yes,

me. Thanks for inviting me, Jordan. It's a pleasure to be here.

I actually was born in Africa live that allows 11 years old. Wow. Then move to London and finish off my education over there. I then started working London with the investment banks worked in London and Frankfurt. I've worked actually with the management teams and investors around the world.

And I've been over here in Silicon Valley for the past three years, and I've very much enjoyed actually working with startups. I've been working with some of the accelerators around here as well as a mentor. And in particular, actually, I enjoy mentoring some of the impacts and sustainability startups around here and connecting them with international investors depending on where they are. And I've also enjoyed working we're over the years with investor groups, which are looking at various investments, including startups. Okay,

so I guess the first question let's go to the very very basic…