What is ICO vs Crowdfunding for Startups

This segment of the we talked to Shahid Chisty about what is an ICO (initial coin offering) and how it compares to crowdfunding.

What's your opinion of crowdfunding and Ico for alternative raise to raise funding Ico initial coin offering and crowdfunding one of those platforms? Just a quick 32nd answer. Certainly

our crowdfunding is extremely useful for products especially which was sold to consumers Icos initial coin offerings are a new developments in factor they they have proven extremely successful for some startups that have raised double digit millions even into the billions of dollars it's a very different market vo and generally those startups would need to have some sort of blockchain and perhaps a ai ai machine learning types of applications to be successful. But it's a an area actually which is which is threatening the current securities in industry as a whole and even the VC industry model.

Okay, last question. most valuable advice you could give a founder on fundraising

be determined and don't give up

and shy Could you give everyone just to recap of who you are what you do. Certainly,

I I work with startups mainly in the tech sector. And I work with investor groups around the world as well with the startups actually generally I help them with business development strategic provides strategic advice international growth and scaling I help them with and also fundraising exits m&a activity

so there's there's the areas that I'd like to work together with startups on when's it

too early for a company to approach you and asked to work with you

I'm good really depends on the on the idea and how novel it is. But I I tend to work with companies at the earliest stage, so seed and a round B round rather than more developed companies.