Access to local businesses, for startups, through the Chamber of Commerce


One crazy thing that most people don't talk about is


for startups being members of the local Chamber of Commerce, the access you have to the local business community, right. And what I mean by that is some of the companies that that we work with, they have their business development team, they have their sales people, they want access to these big corporations for if their products b2b or the local community, B to C, or whoever. And they don't have those connections, where if they joined the local mem chamber, they can get warm introductions, or maybe even meet people from those corporations at some of their chamber events, right? Can you talk about some of the events a chamber commerce might have?


Sure, sure. So we do a lot of collaboration. So not only do we have our own events, we have events with our business partners to showcase their facilities, their technology, and we do a lot of collaboration with other towns and chambers and other towns. So all throughout this area between San Francisco and San Jose, we're working with those chambers and doing collaborative events. So there's a lot of opportunity, not just in the programs and events that we offer, but with our partners to be able to come out and connect with the people that you want to. So the types of things that we do here in Mountain View that are a little bit


customized to our community is that we're really involved in like the conversation around disability and technology, which is a really big conversation. And that's something that's a very important to all of our companies, all of our local companies right now is they're testing out new keyboards, new lenses, no new computer monitors, things that are, are crafted specifically for the


the disability community. And so that's something that we work closely with, we're putting together a series now that's customized to them also, resiliency is a really big conversation among business here in the area what to do in the case of an actual disaster. Those are the types of things that we have events around the house. Yeah, so it's so many different spaces that were in that it becomes a bit of a challenge to say this is what we do but what we do our 150 different programs and events throughout the year well with all different areas of focus that bring everyone together and so you can you don't have to spend time coming to something that may not feel like it's relevant to your personal interest or your business interest you can really customize what your how you're willing to spend your time based on the programming that we have and what's relevant to who you'd like to meet and connect with that's interesting


so on Silicon Valley successes calm we're gonna have to post some of the information that the chamber is doing so that anyone at home or anyone watching this can stay up to date with some of the activities here and you know, have some ideas and maybe how they can participate. Sure. So what other