Chamber of Commerce and SCORE for Entrepreneurs


More though, about the other resources, because, yeah,


sure. I mean, it runs the gamut. There's a lot of nonprofits that we have, as that we have partnerships with, okay, that have a variety of tools. And I'm not even I'm drawing a blank on what's really specific on like, the score, for example, oh, that's a great mentors that you can come in, that will come in and meet with you individually, learn about your business, and help give you some guidance as you're moving forward. Okay, so they are so when they come into our office and meet with people room twice a month business owners twice a month to help get them started. So that's really a great first step when you're very young. Okay, and building out your concept and not quite sure how to proceed. And if you just have an idea,


are you able to meet with these mentors at the chamber? Yeah,


that's it, you come in with your concept, okay. And they begin to help you figure out how to flesh that out and how to move it forward. interested in


what if I've already opened up my business or started developing my app or platform? Can I then go to them there? Is it too late now,


you can still consult with them at that point it and any point you can we want to put you in touch with somebody who really understands what it is that you hope to accomplish, okay. And so that's what we try to do is kind of guide you towards somebody who's going to have valuable information. We don't want the counselors to waste their time or you to waste your time as you're exploring the ideas and then


there are like, there's so many nonprofits that are out there without going into the names of all of them at once you come in and we understand what you need. There's someplace that we can guide you for whatever the next step is in your business, so