Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Development Center SBDC


And more detail about some of those resources for sure.


So for example, we we work with a lot of local partners like the Small Business Development Center, okay. And so they talk about them. Okay,


most people, I'm sure, I've never even heard of the Small Business Development Center. So what do they do?


I'll stop you three more time.


The Small Business Development Center is a resource that's actually a federal resource, it's completely free. And there are generalists and specialists that are available. And again, it's one of those hairy audacious tools that are out there that are hard to describe. But they do everything from helping with mentoring creating a business plan, they have a magazine or any online, they do,


as a matter of fact, have a resource guide that lets you know what it is that you need, who you need to connect with, depending on what your what industry you're in, okay. And some of the tools that are available through their website site and through the agents that they have working in all of the regions, all the local regions here. So what happens is you contact an SB DC agent, and they come out they learn a little bit more about your business, what you intend to do, okay, your goals and then they set you up with a specialist. So if it's a technology resource that you need, they have technology investor group that we can connect you with, they have access to capital, both resource both seminars and actual traditional and non traditional funding available, okay,


and they will see you all the way through the process from beginning to end, and that's absolutely free. Okay,


so that's one resource that's partnering with the chamber, right? And we're definitely on Silicon Valley success is we're gonna have someone from SB DC here. Oh, awesome.


That will be fantastic. Tell me