Chamber of Commerce some of their Resources


Going back, I'm still fascinated about managing chamber commerce and just Chamber of Commerce in general. Right? The what really fascinates me is we'll have delegations from China or other countries come here, right? They have no clue what this body of businesses really isn't does. And then startups, young companies, they have no idea either. But at the same time, there's so many resources that are here in this group that if they did know, and they were able to partner join or get involved, it can open up so many doors for them. Right? Have you seen that happen to any company that as they've joined, they've understood the resources, the introductions to potential customers, potential resources, or the local community get involved in their projects? Yeah, absolutely.


We have, yes, I have seen that happen. We work with a lot of


a lot of incubators in the area. And so we have have the opportunity to interact with a lot of the startups and find out what the resources are that they need. I think that, you know, what we find with startups is that they're so very focused on their craft, okay. And all the other business resources that they need as, as they build out are available, but they have to know that the chambers has those resources available to them. And so whether that's from building a business plan to creating your website, it's a very, you know, technologically advanced community. So a lot of people are, are pretty good with that. But not everybody is so or it's the network for vendors that you need, as you're adding employees, what how do you learn about your, your HR benefits and the things that you need for your employees. So all the various stages, we have tools and resources available. And it's always a little, it's from mentoring, to access to capital, to introductions to company that's you want to meet to helping with marketing, and also a lot of visibility. As a member, once you're in with us, and you belong to the Chamber of Commerce, we have a lot of tools that we've built in so that you can market your company, you actually have a landing page on our website route, you're listed in our directory. And we get a lot of inquiries, like thousands and thousands of of inquiries on our website, every month, people looking for businesses to do do business with a partner with strategic partners, you name it. So there's a lot of activity I can, there's no one that happen. One absolute outcome for anybody. So I'm always hesitant to say, but it is about getting involved. And once you do the connections that you can make really move the needle in your business. Oh, so. So that reminds me of one company, I remember. Do you ever hear of a company ad builder to start up, they wanted to get their brand name out there. And they they became members of the chamber conversation by understanding Yes, and they held an event and at that event had the former head of chamber the chamber commerce, the current mayor of Mountain View, and some other key figures. And at that one event, I heard it was sold out, sold out.


It was it was it was real. And it that was a startup that really had no connections, no email list, nothing joined the chamber. And then from one event from I understand they had nine leads, and actually, I'm not sure if they're still going forward. And I heard that there. There's some other other things going on. But I just remember here in because of joining the chamber. Mm hmm. All these amazing things happen. Yeah,


it's really true. It's really a door opener. Hmm. And so it's, it's they we have a number of startups and a number of startup startup resources.