How can the Chamber of Commerce help Startups?


A little bit for the people at home. The organization I'm with, we're actually members of the Mountain View chamber commerce.


Well, thank you for that. Oh, yeah.


And we've had some amazing results because of that. One example. Was the technology street fair. Yeah. Now, instead of me explaining, could you go into detail about the technology street fair? And then I'll tell some little stories about the great results we had by partaken. Okay,


yeah, absolutely. So we do a collaborative event with the city of Mountain View. And it's called her technology showcase. Right now, it happens to be an annual event. And the intent of the event is that it's free for exhibitors, it's free for attendees, and it's about bringing out those tech companies that we know are here in Mountain View, they've started here, or they exist here now. And they've come up with these incredible ideas that we know are happening. And they get to bring that out for the community to see. So we do a one day little festival out in front of City Hall, everybody brings out the things they've been working on. And the community and business community is invited to come walk through and really interact with all of that technology and learn more about what's happening and how it's happening. Yeah, it's really exciting.


Yeah, so some of the companies that I know, that were at the technology showcase some of the things that they mentioned to me was the amount of publicity and media they got from it. Right? Could you talk a little bit about that? Yeah, we're


in just a great situation where we get a lot of media visibility. So the TV show, you know, TV channels are all here covering it, there's a lot of interviews and excitement around the technology that's being showcased. And, you know, it's everybody from our, from small companies doing 3d printing to the robotics team for high school to, you know, Google and LinkedIn and into it, and, you know, some of the other larger employers in the area, and everybody's out with, you know, to demonstrate what they're working on. So we had a lot of virtual reality, augmented reality robots, you know, education, tech tools, even name it, it was a, it was there for, you know, for everybody come out and see what was your experience. So, so


was very interesting for me was a couple of the companies that that I knew that were at that event, we're just launching their product. And we're actually using that that event to try to do some product market tested, okay, they had their booth, they had people coming by testing other product, getting feedback. So in one afternoon, they had 5100 people testing their product, getting feedback that they could take, and then do changes. Also, some of the things that they told me was was great was the media exposure for them, there will be used that media for them later, introducing their companies to other people, keeping that those little sound bites, keep those little testimonials. So a lot came from it. And many of them have asked me, when's the next event that the Chamber's hosted and how they can actually get more involved with the Mountain View chamber and we


use a lot of those sound bites to throughout the entire year, both in our website or social media, just to kind of showcase what's happening in Mountain View, and it's just excellent for those companies that participate what's