Business at the City level and the Chamber of Commerce


You know, now if I am problems, say with with getting a permit or that can I seek people at the chamber for advice on how to go about fixing that? Or could an introduction be made to someone at the city level that might be the one to go to, to solve this problem, or I mean, my business, if I have problems


at the city level through the chamber is that a good resource, really great resource we do, we spend a lot of time helping our members navigate the change whatever they need to do with a city because it can be complex. And if you don't know what you're doing, oftentimes you'll lead with the wrong questions or the wrong information. And that will slow that process down by weeks and months, which can be extremely expensive. So a great first stop is the chamber just to share with us what you're doing what you'd like to accomplish, and we can help with making introductions and directing you to the best place to start that journey. Okay, so


let's go over everything that we've talked about so far. Okay, we've talked about the city hat or the chamber, how it's a great place to go to, if you have any questions about possible permits, or that with the city for your business, the chamber is a great place to go to for potential introductions to mentors or nonprofit groups that can advise and coach your company, it's a great place to go to, for introductions to establish corporations or or other members of the chamber that you might want to do business with, or just to get to meet to have a conversation with it's a great place to go to for possible media resources for your company to get exposure, it's a great place to go to for events and that in the community to get to know the local community and see Is it a good place to go to if you want to meet potential groups from overseas? are you connected with any friend friendly cities or or sister cities overseas at all?


We are we are we often get delegates to the area that we host and from all different areas, but we do have a sister city in Japan. Okay. And so we've hosted delegates from a couple of times. And we have a trip slated to go there next year. Okay. Yeah, so that would be kind of fun. Maybe you'd like to come on that not this year. Now. I know it's not going to be this year. Oh, yeah. It's it's going to be next year. Okay. But we do have partners overseas. And so we do send delegates and received delegates often who would like to have exposure to this market. So


So pushing it even further, would it be okay, to save the chamber had a sister city or that really ship in another country? Right through the chamber? You can get an introduction? Yes, absolutely.


Okay. And we have a lot of delegates that go to China travel as well that we're happy to introduce you to. Okay. Yeah. So and we've done some programming around starting a business and also manufacturing in China interested? Yeah.


Now, another question for you. What advice would you give someone one one piece of advice for someone that isn't sure if they want to join the chamber or be involved with the chamber and


I think probably direct contact with us as a great visiting our website, that's great as an overall to help understand who everybody is and what we do. But I think it's best to connect with us. However, that is, whether that's email or or telephone or video conference, whatever that it is just to get a greater sense of whether or not it's a fit for your business individually. Okay. And then what advice would you give a startup founder,


join the chamber? We have everything you need?


No, I would say that we understand completely how tight that everybody is for time and how many things there are that you can focus on. And I would say that if the thought is, Hey, I don't have the time to join the chamber or some other resource that it's worth revisiting and reevaluating that decision, because there's a lot of information that's peripheral that comes to that can be extremely valuable just by being connected to the group that you are we you know, we're sending out information constantly about what's happening in the community, and what are the priorities and what's you know, the things that you need to know as a business owner. So I think there's value that's great. Yeah,


so want to thank everyone for watching us today on Silicon Valley successes and I want to mention our next guest coming up will be doors pickers in from Silicon Valley speaks, she'll talk about how to present to investors how to present your idea. But before we go, Don, could you please talk a little bit about how they could contact you and maybe give a 32nd summary of the chamber go? Sure.


Absolutely. So if you are looking for connection in your business, and all the tools that you need to get started, you can contact us at I'm available at dawn at chamber Our website is chamber and and we're here in Mountain View, just type in Mountain View chamber 50% of our guests to our website, our organic. All


right, thank you from Silicon Valley success. com.


Thank you. From all of us at Silicon Valley successes. We hope you found the information presented today useful in your path to success. For further information on accessing the resources in Silicon Valley. You may visit us on the web at Silicon Valley successes. com on Facebook and YouTube. Thank you. And remember, we want to help you in your journey to become the next success.