Summary of Chamber of Commerce


Now for people that may be from an area that doesn't have a chamber commerce or does not know about what chamber commerce is, could you give a little bit of detail into what a chamber commerce does and is


sure, yeah, absolutely. So the Chamber of Commerce functions a little bit differently in each community because we kind of customize the membership. It's a member organization that serves businesses within the community, and we're a little bit of a catalyst a convener and we foster collaboration within the community and all over the world. Really. So So these companies that are members of the chamber are they only established corporations or are they startups are they are they anyone they're really anyone that can be anywhere in the world they can be right here in Mountain View if their interest is in connecting to folks to businesses here in Mountain View that's something that we can help them with so so it's about we have about 760 different member companies


are actively involved in the chamber so


going back you said anywhere in the world so I'm a startup from New York or even maybe Beijing and I wanted access to the companies here in Mountain View I could join the chamber commerce you


could yeah absolutely so it's very easy to do it's something that you can do online and we have a website which is chamber mv dot o RG and you can get anybody can get information from anywhere in the world and what it is that we're working on what we're doing who are members are and how that they can get active and