Chamber of Commerce other perks, what is Leadership Mountain View


parts of the chamber. So for example, I heard of this thing called leadership Mountain View. Can you talk about what that is? That seemed very fascinating to me. Yeah.


So leadership Mountain View is a 10 month program that you can apply for as a community member. And that it's one day a month. And it's focused around civic leadership and understanding kind of the behind the curtain view of the city of Mountain View, and how decisions get made and who, who's really kind of leading the town and what's happening so you get to see you know, how education and their decisions are decided you get to tour schools and understand more about what it's like to live here when flight to serve here when it's like to lead here and not only are you do you become very close to your classmates and there's generally between 30 and 35 and any class to the classes all intimate and a really great chance to connect but there's about 70, 750


alum in the program okay and those folks are all leaders you many of them are leaders in the community so every one of our mayor's has been through leadership Mountain View really


yeah so by going through leadership Mountain View you're able to meet the local community you're able to meet the local government right at the Council level the vice mayor the mayor every level and ask them questions possibly and get feedback


on either day day life or even your business if you have questions for them if you have if they have time Is that true? Yeah,


that's exactly right. Oh, should sign you up today. You should


2019 best class ever


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