Cluttered Pitch deck Problem


So some of that comes to you with a pitch deck that's very cluttered. And me, you know, it needs to be cleaned.


If they're not wanting to change. And right there that's a sudden they're not coachable. Correct? Would you drop the client right there? No, not necessarily. It depends again, on their personality, because some I will, and some I won't, because some people, it just takes more convincing, okay, and, and letting them understand. So if you've been giving this pitch six times, and you've gotten zero feedback, at what cost? Do you want to keep continuing with this? So again, it's like a choice. And they came to me for a reason. Yeah, right. Something isn't working. So again, it depends on their personality, because I've dealt with a lot of different ranges. So I can usually see beyond that first objection, where I think it's great. It's like, well, this, let me show you this versus this. So I'll show them what I think is a good slide versus their slide. And then they'll get it. Because a lot of times, it just takes people we're all human. Yeah, they're human, they have an ego, because they just founded a company and you it's not for the faint of heart. So you know, they have an ego up front. So again, it's just like, how do you work with them in a way that will soften their defenses and really make them understand is to their benefit to have a good slide deck? So of


the founders that you've talked to you've met, what percentage would you say, if they were just alter or be able to speak a little bit better, a little bit clear of a message would be at a whole different level than where they're currently? I


would say, probably 90% really 90% because again, if you're the founder, you're not, that's not top of mind for you. Your top of mind, is my product, right? getting it out? Because usually the founders of the ones that created the product initially, not always so typically, they're, they're good in that they're, they've never really thought about going out. Gosh, now I have to do this dog and pony show all the time. How do I do that? I'll just do what I've always done. But what they've always done, is


this on the prod not presenting in a situation like that, would you recommend that they train themselves to become better speakers, or to bring in a co founder or a salesperson or someone that could sell for them, or pitch the idea


hands on how they're going to structure their company, okay, so I would recommend that they do it first. Because you don't want to remove yourself from the end user or your product up front, okay, you want to be sure that you as the CEO can sell it, because if you as a CEO can't sell it again, you're not going to be taken very seriously. Most CEOs of big companies, they're there for a reason. And that's to sell their products. They sell the company image right there. Again, if they're a big company, like say, HP Yeah, they're not out selling them mice and the keyboards but they're selling hp. So if you as a CEO can't be believable, incredible to sell your stuff, you're not going to be a credible CEO, you have to start with you. So


is there any time in the growth process of a company where someone can say, you know, I, I've spoken for several months or years, I've brought this company from two people to 50 people. I think I'm a good speaker I've done yet or they always train and always learned both. Yes,


there. they've passed the test. They're a good speaker that you never stop. I'm still learned. I still learn every day. I had a wonderful client this morning. And I learned from him every client I have, I learned something from and I am an avid learner myself on my my, my own lifelong journey to learn everyday voracious consumer with Ted Talks, vast library and the planet with Ted Talks. And I help people do TED Talks. So again, you know, it's just it, you can be the starter of your own startup company, but still have a greater vision for something other than your own company. And that's something that I also encourage people to do is there's something beyond even that what is it and always try and do that because you can get pretty boring if people go oh, my God, here comes Sean again, as always going to do is talk about stupid company, right? And you don't want to be that person. So you want to have people this is the best companies. Sean he said something great. And also Sean is really avid in his community about this. Did you know that so you always want to do something bigger than yourself and bigger than your company.