Two questions to answer when talking to investors


Correct. Okay. So if I come to you, and I say I want to tailor my message specifically to talk to investor Mm hmm. What would your recommendation be for that? And


that would depend on are you at doing the angel seed or the early round investor if you've already been funded? So because


they're different conversations? How about let's go the angel. And actually, let's go to the seed very early friends or family, and then let's move up, right.


So that the early stages, you really need to bring forth your passion and answer the question. There's two questions your eyes want to answer. So what and why should anybody care? Okay, right? Because, again, at the end of the day, no matter who you're talking to, you need to keep those two in mind. Okay? Because if, if you're selling something that's been out in the market for 20 years, and it's just another flavor, typically, that will be a who cares, right? Okay, nobody's gonna get excited over that, that the excitement really starts with you. So you need a community, educate your excitement about it and evangelize your own products in a way where other people will go, Wow, that's really cool. Okay, even if they really don't understand your product, or they're kind of doubtful about it, if you can convince them with your passion, and that you totally believe in it. A lot of people will get beyond the that stage and go, you know what, I'm just gonna keep pursuing that because I believe in you, and then go to the next stage, seriously, at the very beginning, the earliest stage of a startup trying to raise funds, right? It's to convince the person through their message with passion, correct? Okay, what about the next stage? So the next stage, that's where you still really need to bring your passion, but people will really want to know, so what's in it for me? Like, if you're wanting me to be an investor? Okay, why would I want to be an investor? So again, that's where I'm listening to, is again, your passion? And do you really believe in you, okay? Because if you don't believe in you, then people will feel that energy. And they'll typically walk because, again, as a bar, first bar that you have to meet, do you believe in your product? And again, if so, why? And then what's the next stage? So that's where you really want to hone in on, you know, the return on investment? Who is your team? So do you have experienced as your team have experience? Why would I, as an investor want to believe that you are a good CEO to manage the business part? Okay, so but by that, who have you chosen to be part of your team, because that's one of the first decisions that you will be making. And if you blow it on that then again, you're not a good decision maker. Interesting. So


talking about that. So I'm selling my company and myself as the same time correct with my emotion, my passion but really emphasizing the team at the same time I'm kind of confused I


going well, but the team is critical if you have a team because again, if you're early early in it and