Who am I selling in my Pitch


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different value proposition. Then if you have you have the team of one, the most important team. But again, if you have, say, 10 people, who are those 10 people? And are you thinking critically strategically and intentionally where each person has their own specific role? Or are you going this is my best friend, George. And I really like Sally too. So I just thought I'd bring them along with me. And they really don't have any experience. And oh, by the way, they don't like each other, right? So that'll be the kiss of death. If people are looking at your org chart and going, So who are these people? And why are they there? And they don't care if they're your best friend from kindergarten. Yeah, they want to know that you as a CEO, or the leader of your startup can make these decisions wisely, that will propel your company because that is the way the investors are going to get their money back. And so if you're stumbling out of the get go from that decisions, bringing on your team, again, that will be a really impediment to you upfront interest. So if you have a team you need to be really thoughtful about who those team members are and how you have them set up.