Exposure through the Chamber of Commerce


The chamber.


So when you're saying who the who the members are, yeah. So if I became a member, I would be put on that list. So I'm an early stage company. Just me and my co founder, I wanted to become a member. I could join I we get on that list.


What are some of the benefits I would get with that? The,


you know, the primary benefit is visibility, marketability, and then connectivity. So your ability to connect to other businesses in and around Mountain View, really, businesses of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, about 80% of our members are mid sized companies. And then we have several of the larger employers here in Mountain View that are very active as well in the chamber. So benefits would be, you know, your ability to connect with other members and also be aware of what's happening in Mountain View, and that creates a certain relevance when you're looking to pursue a conversation with somebody it's very helpful to understand the community, their community that they are in and that they serve and that's where the chamber can be extremely beneficial. Okay, so yeah.