Coaching a Frustrated Founder


So, so as founder, Mm hmm. They have a product. Mm hmm. They've gone to a few investors, they've not raised any funding. And they're frustrated, right? They come to you for help, come to


me. Because typically what I will do will say, OK, pretend I'm the investor. And I want you to give me the pitch that you've been giving. And usually I will say, if you have a slide deck, send it to me before we meet so I can glean a lot, again, from people slide decks, okay, because, again, it's not a little bit about the slide, right? So for me, it's not so much because there's a lot of different opinions out there. You know, a good rule of thumb is 10 to 12 slides, you don't want to slide what people some people are going, you need to start with the team. Other people are saying, you need to start with what it is and why people should care and end with the team for me, I've asked many, many, many people, and it doesn't, in my opinion, doesn't really matter as long as the information you need is there somewhere and also that you're comfortable presenting the information, okay, but for me, I can look at their slide deck. Is it too busy? If it's all text? That's the kiss of death? If there's too many graphs, and there's 18 bars on a graph is too busy? Because people don't think that way. So again, is it clean? Is it too busy? Is it messy? If if you're just handed the slide deck with somebody know what you're trying to say, right? And if it doesn't, then that's where I can start. Okay. And the other thing I'll do is say, Okay, I'm an investor, you know, tell me your pitch. And I'm going to give you 100 million dollars if I liked your pitch, right? No pressure. Yeah. But again, it's like I can tell a lot are they Amanda, we're so like, here's their slide deck and their first slide, but as it takes 10 minutes to talk about this slide, okay. And then they're going, Oh, I know I'm at a time and they fast forward it, but this slide, and then they meander, right. So I can tell a lot by how I think they're losing the investors by how they're presenting. And it could be your like, a lot of people they get nervous they'll do is they'll do they'll do this or like the early messing with their hair or, and it's all usually they don't know they're doing it? Well, it could be clearing their throat, they could if they're standing up, they get the shifting, you know, I know a couple of people and they just have this this action around their throat, right? But they don't know how long would it take them to untrained one of these habits, after you've pointed out to us on what habit is because, again, different habits are formed for different reasons. If they've been doing something since they were a little kid, it'll be harder to end do that habit than if they just started it recently. And surprisingly, people start pick up and lose habits all the time. Unaware typically, the worst habit that people pick up quickly is that the tick with the words like like, you know, you could go for 20 years and never saying like, and all of a sudden by osmosis, who knows where they just start saying, like all the time, that's an easier habit to break then if you've been like doing your eyebrows since you're six years old, okay? Because again, that's a lot longer that you have. So it'll take a lot longer to break that if it's just a stance. Like if you're like, for me, I realized and I didn't know it that I caught my head all the time. Well, so I didn't realize that until I saw myself on camera because I started doing this am I Why am I croc in my head all the time. So now I can through learning that took about six months. Yeah. So again, it just depends on what it is and how long you've been doing it and the big key for me is how coachable you are. Okay, and are you willing to change it and going you can't tell me anything. I already know everything.