Joining the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce


If I


were to join the chamber, yes? What is the onboarding process look like? So if I'm just a startup, me and my co founder, we come to you and say, Listen, this is where we're at with our company. We want media exposure, we want access to potential partners. We want someone to check out our idea.


But we don't know where to start. Right? And I sit down with you, what would your advice be? Who would I talked to tell me about all these nonprofits resource, you already mentioned? Score, you already mentioned SB DC, right? But sounds like there's an abundance there are


and it really depends on your business needs. So I think that is what we do is we customize what we do to everybody that joins so and of course, there's a spectrum of membership level. So you can join at the very basic level, it's extremely affordable, and you're at least listed on our directory, and you have access to our programs, okay. And we kind of build up from there, depending on the marketing upside that you need. Okay. And depending on your goals, and how customized the solution is for your needs. So obviously, it's going to be a little bit more pricey to belong to join the chamber if you need to some personal introductions and also engage with folks, when you


say, personal introductions, would that just be we're at an event you go, Hey, Sean, there's Tim and walk away, or what would you consider personal reduction


the same way that you do your instructions, okay. When I mean, what I learned what your passions are, I want to walk away, I


just walk away


know what, but when you meet people, and you can connect them to somebody else that you realize, wow, that would be a great connection for them. We're constantly doing that. That's really what every one of us are doing. We're a team of six. So we're so long, what are the roles is a team of six? I mean, is it just everyone doing the same thing? Or is I mean, talk about the structure of it. So the way that we are set up as we have a CEO, okay, have a fairly new CEO with us right now. His name is Bruce Bruce Humphrey. And he leads the organization and then I am work with Bruce and I manage membership and help develop all of our our strategy. Okay, and oversee operations. So it's about helping members engage with one another as low priority. Tell me about this engagement? Is it Are you talking about events? Are you talking more that introduction, and then making sure there's follow up with that both both. So is creating what we try to do is create events that have relevance and bring the right people together so that they can meet one another. They're in the right room. Okay. And so that's what a lot of our programming is about. It's very specialized and intentional. So that is something that I helped lead. And then we have somebody who does events, okay, that'd be Katrina,


and we have Heidi who does social media for us. Okay. She oversees a site called I love Okay. And that is a great website to go to, to discover what's happening in Mountain View, things that you might like to know both both business and pleasure, soldier. Yeah, don't have you been to that website. I love envy.


I've heard about it. Yeah, I've checked it out. I on occasion, I've heard there's pictures of very handsome entrepreneurs on there, sitting in rounded chairs.


Oh, my goodness, you must be on there somewhere.


But But. But that remind me of another instance where we actually use the chamber experience where the electric bikes we really what we really wanted one outside of our office, and we had no idea how to go about doing it. And we made a call or an email to you, I believe, and within two days, we had 60 electric bikes out front of our facility. Have you used them? They they're always used, always used by the members of our building. In fact, people have actually come to me and gone, you know, where are the bikes today? Okay, hold on, hold on. Let me check. Let me check my up. But it was from warm introductions that you guys have provided to us right now. Is there a limit to these introductions? Does someone overstep their bounds it anytime I'm Yes,




There's a limit to everything. Okay.


So I can't say no on that, but we are will always help you get figure out what the next steps are, that are practical, okay, right. So if you're going to come in and say, Hey, Don, I want to go right to the top of Google. Let's be honest, that's probably not going to happen. Okay, you're going to have to pay a lot of money, not just okay,


cool aspects, right?


But within reason, when you need, you know, whether it's customers that you're looking for its strategic partners that you're looking for, I don't want to say investors because that's not something that we promised. But the fact is, when you're out and about and doing the events that we offer, you have the chance to connect with everybody else.