Visualization of a speaker and episode 4 recap


So so you're selling kind of the vision of where the company's going, right? Okay. How, how important is visualization in … being a good speaker? So what


do you mean by by the visualization scene where you want the company to grow, where you want it to be one day in the future, I think it's very important. But again, a lot of times, you don't want to be able, a lot of people aren't set up to think 20 years out. So again, when you say, visualize the future, how far out are you really thinking, because, again, you know, to get seated, and, you know, round a round be around, see, you have to think in those terms that always around, you know, the end goal that you may not know what the end goal really is, you may be starting your company go, I want to be sold to Google for 100 million dollars. And then five years in, you're going, I never want to sell my company. I love my company. So that may shift. But to start out, you really want to end goal interested. Yeah.


Now, let's recap a little bit of what we've talked about today. We've talked about having a different presentation for different stages of your company, whether it's with friends and family Angel, or later investment, how important it is to have confidence and to sell yourself when you're speaking, right. Also, the pitch deck, how important a nice clean pitch deck is to talk about your message and how important it is to be able to communicate your message to your your team, right? What, what else is what am I missing here? There's a lot


Well, I again, we could go on all day. But for me, the number one thing is to have Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. Because when you don't have confidence yourself, people can feel it. And people want to work with confident people. What are some tips or tricks that you'd give a founder to gain confidence to gain confidence is, again, what I said earlier, is practice. You need to be able to have a clear, compelling crystal clear of message, you need several messages, and they need to be practiced enough. Or you can just pull this one out of your pocket and then pull that one out of your pocket. But it doesn't sound rehearsed. But you know it well enough that Wow, it's it's sounds great. Wow, that's great. Because you've done it enough where you won't have to go, who am I talking to you? Which 1am I going to say now it was mentioned TED Talks is a great resource area, or is there any particular speakers or CEOs or anyone that you'd recommend people to really pay attention to and try to gain knowledge from it or emulate you mean away from TED talks or talks. So Amy. So if you look at TED Talk, Amy Cuddy, she has she's one of the most watched TED Talks ever. So she does a great talk on your body language, and how, even if you're not confident, you can pretend you're confident and it actually changes your chemical makeup, which will then change your body image about yourself. So that's a very, very good one. So, Amy Cuddy, Amy Cuddy, really good business leaders or people such as Meg Whitman and just pick your political person that you want to choose. When then what I also say is pick a political leader that you don't choose, because no matter who they are, part of our challenge that I always say is incumbent upon people is you need to be able to not be resistant to somebody that you're coming across. Because resistance is an energy that's very negative, interested, and what would be one piece of advice you'd give a founder starter startup, believe in yourself and go for it. Great advice. Go for it.


All right. So I'd like to thank everyone for watching us and Silicon Valley Successes. If you'd like to find out more information visit Silicon Valley But before we end the show for today, doors, could you please give a little bit of recap on your, what you work on, and how people can reach you. Sure.


So my business name of Silicon Valley Speaks and at Silicon Valley Speaks calm. So that's nice and easy. But I work with executives and professionals, startups, people who want to either create a speech or a pitch deck I work with PowerPoint slides with, but basically, I can create your speech, edit your speech work with your body language, so people go away from you going, that was an awesome person. Oh, I will sign up for that guy.


I can't wait to to learn more about presenting myself a little bit better. And do you have any suggestions for me after watching or being interviewed on this show? Now, I


love your smile. You have an awesome natural smile. And believe it or not, that's one of the biggest challenges people have. They think they're smiling when they're not someone. Just one brownie points. We're good. We're have to get it. Oh, okay.


We didn't need makeup for today. Hey. So we're definitely have to get you back on the show. And then there's still a little bit of time left. Okay, so one more tip you'd give to a startup


to a startup is video yourself giving your pitch before you go to a VC? Great advice.


Thank you doors.


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