Diversity and Inclusion with Startups.

Today’s guests, Irma Zoepf and Cesar Teague, delve into the importance of having an open perspective. They discuss how it is imperative to be accepting towards input from many different sources at any stage in a company’s life, especially when it is just an early stage company with a very small team. We talk about both the problems and opportunities of culture and language training and the awareness of communicating with different groups of people around the world. These opportunities, however, are only available to those who really want to learn and listen to whomever they are trying to conduct business with.


Cesar Teague

Founder of RESONATE and the Accelerate Program based in San Francisco.

Experienced in training & coaching in the areas of value selling, presentations, and leadership.

He specializes in working with multicultural teams globally, being a multicultural professional himself, and volunteers at the S.F. RenCenter and Silicon Valley Ignite Academy to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

He is also a certified Master Trainer with the American Society for Training & Development.

Finally, he is completing his PhD in Organizational Leadership from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

He received his MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from the University of San Francisco.

Irma Zoepf

Irma is a strategic and collaborative entrepreneur committed to creating and developing healthy cultures in both the workplace and the community.

She founded the ZBridge, a boutique coaching business specializing in leadership, diversity, and inclusion. Through ZBridge, Zoepf partnered with leaders in startups and social entrepreneurs.

Zoepf also founded the Lean In Latinas circle in San Mateo County, a business focused on supporting professional Latinas in the Bay Area. She is a board member at Upward Scholars, a foundation that empowers low-income adults to prosper through education. Zoepf also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Sonora, Mexico and an MBA from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain.

She is also certified as a Diversity Executive by the Institute of Diversity Certification.