✔Pivoting as a Startup with Jason and Sergio Ep 9

Sergio and Jason are Serial Entrepreneurs who have founded several companies. In their life journey, they have had some great successes but many failures. Based off their life experiences, we decided to focus on the aspect of “pivoting” in a company: what it means, why you should do it, when to do it, how it impacts the team and investors, and more.


Sergio Smirnoff is a creative, out of the box positive thinker who has a background in both design and academics specialized in business. He was invited to be a speaker at the Latam Design Encounter for 3 consecutive years to share his experiences in the field. Some of his work are published in international specialized books.

He is also a serial entrepreneur who began his own journey over 20 years ago, funding his own marketing agency back in Argentina. From there, Smirnoff jumped into tech startups, a leap that brought him to Silicon Valley to plant his ideas in fertile soil.

Jason Nyeh is a Bay Area local who is also an Entrepreneur Evangelist. He believes in growing as a person, building meaningful relationships, and creating organizations aimed to make an impact on society. He couples the “Why” factor and his unique way of thinking to generate phenomenal results. 

He has held leadership positions in marketing, sales, business development, project management, training, and consultation in industries, such as Fintech, Healthcare, Medical IOT, and Travel & Hospitality. He is also an advisor and mentor who helps aspiring professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs to become top players in both the Silicon Valley markets and international markets.