👍Korea Startups and Doing Business as a Startup

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Today on Silicon Valley Success we interview Junhwah and Chris who help startup go to Korea or from Korea help them setup in other countries with focus on Silicon Valley.

We talk about:

Setting your company up form the US to Korea, or from Korea to the US

Some of the areas that company fail in

Startup fund matching with the Korean Government

How to go about getting money from the Korean Government

And More

Junhwan Paul Kang

Junhwan Paul Kangis the founder of Cosmic StatioN, an entrepreneurial community that conglomerates multinational entrepreneurs, creators, and designers. He has designed colossal projects and boundless connections to help Korean governmental agencies, Seoul City, enterprise companies, like LG, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, startups, and entrepreneurs around the globe for over 10 years.

Recently, he co-founded travel and urban tech startup, stepinto.city. He is responsible for stepinto.city's overall vision and business strategy in addition to daily operations. Since the company’s founding, Junhwan Paul has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through clarification of both structure and product management.

Christopher D Yeom
Christopher D Yeom is a developer and builder who has been working in web full-stack developments, game developments, internationalization, human language computation, OCR, image processing, and blockchain dApp developments.

After spending nearly a decade working in software development for startups, Yeom finally began working with Paul in Cosmic StatioN. Yeom is currently the CTO for Cosmic StatioN and is a builder who has critical thinking and approaching skills. 

Yeom has a BA in computer graphic and an MA in installation arts. Yeom was an illustrator before he started his career in software development.