[14] Startup Growth Done Right

Today we interview Ralph Leung

Ralph is a proven senior executive with 20 years of diverse blue-chip leadership experience across strategic finance, corporate strategy, and operations at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies globally. Over the past 7 years, he has also advised extensively high growth technology companies, helping them navigate through early-stage strategic and operational growth.

Currently as the Chief Financial Officer at Jyve?”

Throughout his career, he has strategically built companies, teams, and partnerships that sustain strong growth. He has also successfully helped companies scale, transform, and exit; completing 80+ strategic transactions and exits for $90+ billion of M&A value and raised $60+ billion of equity/debt capital.

What are the most common mistakes you help to fix when you work with a company?

At what stage in a company’s development is your toolset most useful or when do you prefer to enter the picture?

How do you decide on who you work with?

What is something a company might be lacking that they don’t know they are lacking or are in denial they are lacking?

Can you give some examples of working with founders and what you did or are doing with them to help them progress?

What do startups need to know about raising funds from overseas investors, what are similarities and differences, (especially US investors and Chinese Investors)?

What type of paperwork do startups need to have ready before looking for investment?

What are some common mistakes startups make when raising their first round of capital and what are the solutions to these mistakes if any?

What mistakes do they make with later rounds of capital?

How do the investors change as each investment round progresses?

When do startups use investment bankers to help them raise funds, when do they do it all internally?

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Startup Fundraising with Shahid Ep2

Today, we interview Shahid Chishty. He is a former investment banker at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. He has worked with companies at all stages though he currently finds himself focused on early stage startups, mentoring them on their funding and capital raising strategy.

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