💰Sales Done Right, Best Advice for Startups

Phil Solk is a managing partner at Opero Partners. Providing strategic advice and hands-on implementation services to companies seeking to significantly enhance their growth trajectories.

He is a seasoned executive (former C-level, VP and directors) with functional expertise in marketing, sales management, operations, product & technology development, finance strategy, funding & M&A.

We interview him on Sales techniques, best practices, and advice for startups.

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✔Sales Talk 101, What your start-up needs to know Ep12


Today on Silicon Valley Success we interview Whit Howland who is a sales consultant. He has worked with all stages of companies from around the world. We focus todays interview on early stage companies, startups, the problems they face, whether they are from they US or from overseas coming here.  We talk:

A startup sales strategy

The complete Sales Cycle

A startup first sale-idea to reality

Why consumers buy a product

Sales and Marketing and how they work together

Pricing your product to sell

And Whit gives some of the Best Sales Advice ever