For the past several decades, Silicon Valley has been the global heart of inspiration. Every year, countless delegates visit this area in hopes of gaining wisdom and insights that they can take back to their local communities and foster growth. There has been some success but nowhere near the amount that can be obtained with the knowledge and experience that is here in Silicon Valley. We aim to place this knowledge into the hands of the masses who we believe can use it to continue and foster growth everywhere.   


Our Mission

We strive to break down all the barriers that currently exist for people to access the resources here in Silicon Valley. We wanted to create a platform where both human and intellectual capital can be accessible to anyone with access to the internet. We believe that this knowledge directly leads to opportunities and we want everyone in the world to have the proper tools to achieve their dreams. 

This isn’t taught in traditional school. I’m not sure how it could be as there needs to be an experience component that only exists in Silicon Valley.
— Michelle Yuan, University Student in China

Our mission

  • Create a reference library with experts’ expertise focusing primarily on early stage companies.

  • Interview business experts who have gone through or are currently in the early stages of founding a new startup and having them share their personal successes and failures.

  • Create a “Strategies Content” distribution plan to access countries that social media channels do not typically reach.

  • Enable global access to live content and coaching directly from business experts in Silicon Valley.

  • Create a community of action focused on aiding entrepreneurs and experts to achieve the next level of startup success.

Experts we interview

These experts come from a variety of backgrounds including but not limited to:

  • Angel Investment Groups

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Small Business Development Center

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Family Funds

  • Investment Banks

  • Incubators

  • Accelerators

  • Fortune 50 Companies

  • Top Law Firms

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Universities

  • Small Business Association


  • City Government

  • State Government

  • Federal Government

  • Research Centers


* Guest have either been interviewed or have committed to being interviewed*